Health and Safety


Health and Safety Information

Filling or using sandbags is physically demanding, typically they weigh at least 15Kg each. It is important to ensure that anyone helping to either fill or place sandbags is physically up to the task.

Ideally you should fill or keep your filled sandbags close to the area in which they will be used. Moving sandbags any distance is very tiring and time consuming.

After usage once wet sand bags need to be disposed of as they are likely to become contaminated due to the unclean nature of flood water.

Water is very heavy and exerts huge pressure on any wall containing it. If you are building a tall sandbag wall you need to ensure that it is structurally up to the job. If the structure was to fail in service it could easily cause personally injury to anyone nearby so we recommend that any large sandbag walls are designed and installed by engineers.

Used Sandbags often become contaminated with sewage posing a significant health risk. If in any doubt contact your local authority to find out how to dispose of used sandbags. Sandbags can be stored for many years so long as they are dry.

Anyone working with sandbags should be provided with appropriate protective clothing, this includes gloves, steel toecap footwear and if the sand is dry eye protection.